Why Is It So Hard to Get My Microsoft Dynamics Data?

December 15 2014

A common question among users of Microsoft Dynamics is: ‘I just bought a new and expensive ERP system from one of the most well-respected technology companies on the planet, shouldn't BI and Reporting capabilities come with it?' 

Well, it does! In fact, Gartner ranks Microsoft as a strong leader among BI platforms. Even better, the solution that you now own is made up of tools that many in your company are already familiar with.

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Loves ERP, Loves Data.  Loves what happens when data from a transaction processing system gets turned into usable information that people can rely on; "It's like that chemistry lab in college where you walk in with your raw supplies and leave with a perfectly round rubber ball."

VP of Business Intelligence Sales at Jet Reports.  Speaks, writes, blogs and tweets about BI strategy - sometimes in his sleep.

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