The Retail Industry Can't Survive Without Business Intelligence - And Here's Why

March 18 2015

I recently visited a mobile phone retail store in Shanghai and saw an impressive array of phones on display. On closer inspection, I noticed only 2 brands were widely recognized as being sold globally and at least 5 brands were available exclusively within China. I picked one of them up - it was light, chic and incredibly sleek. The retail display was a dazzling sight, full of icons that looked similar to the world's most popular brands. The price was unbelievably affordable, too - less than a fifth of what you'd pay for an unlocked phone in the U.S.

About Timothy Tan

Timothy Tan works for ZAP as a Partner Technical Specialist where he handles support help desk and project implementation with partners. Timothy has more than 12 years of experience working with business intelligence technologies and has implemented various retail BI project specifically. He marvels at nature and loves to go on holiday vacations with his family. 

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Very welll written.