How to Create an Ad-hoc Drill-through Report in Microsoft Dynamics AX with Report Builder 3.0

April 26 2011

Report Builder is a very powerful tool for advanced users of Microsoft Dynamics AX and can be used to create many types of ad hoc reports according to the needs of the organization such as a Matrix report, a Basic-Table report, and a Free-form report.

Here we will look at a type of report which is bit complex and causes confusion for many people - the main report with a drill-through report.

In this report we will create the main report, enable it for drill-through, and create the report that is the target of the drill-through action.

About Sanam Khan

Sanam Khan is an ERP senior consultant  with Maison Consulting & Solutions, ERP partners of Microsoft in Pakistan and the Middle East. She has implemented many Microsoft Dynamics AX projects, both in Pakistan and elsewhere. She specializes in Dynamics design and analysis, requirement specification definition, proof of concept, business process mapping BMP, business process reengineering BPR, team leading, IT project implementation / Management , data conversions, integrations, ERP pre-sale activities and post-implementation support roles. 


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