How to configure the customer retainage process for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

November 7 2013

Retainage is the money that is owed by an upstream party to a downstream party to ensure the agreed project work satisfies the contractual obligation. It is an essential part of the billing cycle in the contracting and construction industry. To understand how to manage retainage - also known as retention - in the context of a business process managed by Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, this article will explore both the business rules and system setup behind the model.

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I have done the steps that you have shown above but I still do not see it posting correctly after I invoice my on account without WIP. It still has the full sales amount as credit and AR as debit, but prior to me finalizing my invoice, I looked at the totals and the print preview and I saw the retention there. Even on the Control tab where it says, Customer Retained Payments. So now I'm confused. I see on the pending transactions my retained payments per invoice, so I posted it on the fee journal but I still could not see a proposal after that. Please help. Thanks, Meredith

hmburhan's picture

Hi Meredith, I am glad to know you have almost completed the process by following the Article. Please check your Fees journal, is there any pending entry related to retention’s category? If you would find the transaction, please share the error message. Usually, this problem occurs when due to some reason the system enables to post retention's fees entry. Specially when worker associated with Fees journal under the Default value tab is different than Logged in Ax user. This fees entry transaction should be posted automatically at the time of posting customer invoice. Then, it will correctly impact on your GL, only in this case the system shows the retention transaction under Request retained amount section, to create invoice proposal to request retention amount. Cheers,

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Retention amount for previous month not posting in project module when the current month is on hold. It showing a message that the period is closed. But the invoice is posing with out retention in project transactions and GL. In SSRS report showing the retention. can you provide a solution to rectify this error.