Microsoft Envision discontinued, melts into Microsoft Ignite

December 8 2016

Microsoft logo 

In a post entitled Microsoft 2017 event lineup, Microsoft announced that there will be no Microsoft Envision conference in February 2017; rather, it will be rolled into Microsoft Ignite.

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jefflfrye's picture

Did Microsoft's incremental bad decisions regarding Convergence and relations to existing current customer base rule out the possibility of the Microsoft's actually learning something from this? Judging by the write-up by the marketing person and placement of the news as an "oh, one more thing" it does not appear so. It is a shame Microsoft's current cloud-first, cloud-only leadership will not feel any pain or remorse for this. They will simply pour on more of - if you are not writing us a monthly check for capabilities you already own you are woefully behind the times. Jeff Frye Nashville, TN

LindaRose's picture

Amen brother!

kw's picture

Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately - as the airline industry has shown us - ignoring your customers' needs can make a lot of business sense if all your competitors do the same. My prediction is that all ERP vendors will offer "cloud only" sooner or later. It's most profitable for software vendors and Wallstreet is obsessed with cloud and mobile. Wallstreet declared PCs dead after Apple's success in the consumer market. Nadella's strategy to get the stagnating stock price up was Cloud & Mobile and all Microsoft's businesses had to align with it - customer needs be dammed!