It's not all gloom: Why GDPR is also an opportunity for Microsoft customers and partners

October 16 2017

Editor's note: Mohamed Mostafa, along with James Crowter of Technology Management delivered the session "Is your Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP Solution ready for GDPR? Get ready for your business and personal legal obligations!" at Directions EMEA, earlier this month.

About Mohamed Mostafa

Mohamed Mostafa is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 MVP who focuses on Architecting, Leading and Delivering Dynamics 365 Technology enabled Business Solutions and Digital Transformation programs. He writes in more detail about GDPR issues on his GDPR-themed blog. He has been focusing on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for more than 12 years. He has led and delivered Dynamics programs across various Industries and geographical locations. He has also implemented some of the most complex Dynamics 365 CRM implementations in the US, UK and Europe.

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