Flows from the field: Service Bus Queues; Maintaining user security settings; Generating data; Grouping and summing

June 11 2020

Microsoft Dynamics 365 pros share their tips on using Power Automate with Service Bus Queues, to maintain user security settings,  to generate data or conducting grouping and summing.

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Managing Service Bus Queues

During the Build 2020 event, Microsoft indicated the availability of Service Bus Explorer in Azure portal, inspiring Microsoft MVP Joe Gill to write about Service Bus Queues in context of Power Automate. Message queues are a way of building scalable integrations between different platforms. If one application goes down, it doesn't matter because sending and receiving are decoupled. Power Automate has taken queues to a new level, cutting out the need for complicated coding.

In a demo, Gill created a flow to read JSON messages from a queue, kicking off a call to a UI Flow to undertake an RPA task. Users are able to create queues through Azure portal, designating a Service Bus namespace and securing access with Shared Access Signatures. The flow is able to read messages from the queue with the Listen policy connection. Fortunately, setting up the flow is straight forward. According to Gill, users need to trigger when a message is received on the queue, reading it in peek-lock mode, staying locked on the queue until its completion or removal. In a series of two actions, Gill parsed the message and called the UI Flow. He also updated concurrency control values to 1 to make sure only a single instance of the flow runs at a time.

Changing a user's business unit while maintaining security settings

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