Flows from the field: Deploying flows; Rollup queries; Logic Apps; Input-output security; Sentiment analysis; Power Apps Portals

January 15 2020

Dynamics 365 professionals put Power Automate to work, deploying flows without updating connections, generating rollup queries, protecting input and output data and more.

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Deploying flows without updating connections

All too often, users find themselves needing to update connections when deploying solutions with flows. According to Microsoft MVP Sara Lagerquist, there's a better way. She noticed that solutions with flows typically have the flows turned off and need a manual management layer to update connections. There are actually two connectors currently provided by Microsoft: Common Data Service and Common Data Service (Current Environment).

Deploying with the Current Environment connector lets users put the flows out in an activated state. Confusingly, the system usually presents a greeting message indicating that the flow connection is invalid, but that's not actually true. To get past the confusion, Lagerquest explains a technique to track the true status of your flows.

Generating rollup queries and goals

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