Maximize Your Financial Investment in Dynamics During Uncertain Economic Times

May 16 2008

You don't need a sophisticated computer application to tell you that economic conditions are deteriorating: customers not paying on time, vendors demanding payments sooner than usual, sales targets not being met, higher freight charges due to gas prices, inventory piling up, and so on.

On top of all those issues, you purchased your Microsoft Dynamics system and paid top consulting dollars, with the hope of better management and insight into your company's business activities, as well as to alleviate some transaction processing

About Mariano Gomez

Mariano Gomez is a Microsoft MVP, PMP and EVP for Midmarket Solutions at Intelligent Partnerships, LLC. He is the original developer of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Spanish release for Latin America and has been consulting and implementing technology solutions for organizations across the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America for the last 20 years. Mariano holds an MIS degree from the University of Phoenix.

About Intelligent Partnerships, LLC

With over 150 years of combined management and technology consulting experience, Intelligent Partnerships skillfully partners with organizations to solve complex problems, boost operating performance and maximize value for stakeholders. 

A leading global professional services firm, Intelligent Partnerships draws on its deep operational and technical competencies to help companies across industries improve operating and financial performance.  Whether serving as business advisors or in interim leadership roles during periods of change or transition, our professionals take early and quick action in delivering measurable and sustainable impact to both top and bottom lines with a persistent focus on accelerated value creation and precise execution. Locations: Atlanta, United States; London, United Kingdom; and Dublin, Ireland.

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