Five Steps to Complete Your Microsoft Dynamics AX Inventory Close for 2009, and Prepare for 2010

January 5 2010

I recently provided guidance for handling the inventory close process using Microsoft Dynamics AX. In this followup article, I provide five steps for completing the year-end 2009 inventory close in such a way that you prepare your organization for handling the same process more efficiently in 2010.

1. Prepare to run the inventory close.

Before you perform the inventory close, the following tasks are recommended: 

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Sanam Khan is an ERP senior consultant  with Maison Consulting & Solutions, ERP partners of Microsoft in Pakistan and the Middle East. She has implemented many Microsoft Dynamics AX projects, both in Pakistan and elsewhere. She specializes in Dynamics design and analysis, requirement specification definition, proof of concept, business process mapping BMP, business process reengineering BPR, team leading, IT project implementation / Management , data conversions, integrations, ERP pre-sale activities and post-implementation support roles. 


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Dear Sanam I read your article on inventroy close and found it really helpful. The step wise procedures and attention to details was very good.Very easy language and simple but helpful in many regards. I definitely learned a few new things about this year end inventroy closings well done.Will look forward to your new artilces on related topics as well Hassan

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This one is the second article from you and I am very much impressed by the effort you have put into it. No doubt a number of AX-2009 users will be pleased to get help from these articles. Moreover, you have picked up one of the most important, difficult and most ignored subject in overall AX processes. Where on the one side you are contributing to you own professional growth, on the other side you are uplifiting the Company's image and providing a lot of benefit to the users all over the world. Hope you will continue with your such efforts and very soon will become one of the few top level experts in AX-2009. God bless you and good luck ---------------------- Najam's picture

Hi Sanam Well done for sticking your neck out to provide a very useful summary of the steps to take to co-ordinate Year-End and Stock Close. I found the summary very thorough. On one point of detail you say that Recalculation makes a "virtual" settlement that is not stored in the InventSettlement table, but in fact the settlements made by the Recalculation are stored in the table and can be seen from the Settlements button. Regards RogerL

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Salam, It is really very practical and useful article and appreciate your effort.....Amin Khan