No, It’s Not a Contradiction: How Investing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Saves Serious Money

December 9 2008

In times of extensive financial and economic turmoil, investing is not real popular. Businesses are looking into ways to cut costs, not increase them, and postponing investments into information systems seems only natural.

However, investing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be a very sound decision, precisely because of the current economic situation. That is, investment into a good ERP system can yield a very quick return, and start saving considerable sums in a very brief time span-usually enough to pay for the system within a year or two.

About Vjekoslav Babic

Vjekoslav Babić is an independent Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant, trainer, author and blogger, with 10 years of experience in NAV and 16 years of experience in IT.

As a solutions architect and a project manager with a leading Microsoft Dynamics President's Club service provider company, as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant with Microsoft Services, and as an independent consultant, he has been working on Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementations ranging from tiny one-man-bands to international mega-corporations, delivering services and trainings all over the world.

In 2008, Vjekoslav co-authored the acclaimed book "Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009". Vjekoslav runs an active blog about NAV implementation, project management and development best practices, acts as a columnist and editorial advisory board member at, and as a columnist in a number of other web or printed periodicals in Croatia and worldwide. Vjekoslav is also a frequent speaker at Microsoft or Microsoft Dynamics conferences.

Since spring 2010, Vjekoslav has been awarded the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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harrisben's picture

In a perfect world your assumptions are correct for existing customers who aren't already using such functionality, but do such people really exist and is this a perfect world? For a prospective NAV customer, such as my company, it will take quite a while to recoup the up-front investment and even longer before any actual savings are seen. Savings also cannot occur before implementation and training, both of which are a massive immediate inefficiency for businesses. In answer to your question 'Can your business survive the upheaval the global economy is going through?', hell no! At least, not if we were to follow your advice.

mchinsky's picture

I agree. If you are on almost out of business, this doesn't make sense. However there are many leasing deals now that don't start payments until 6 months so when you do the calculations, your payback (including the stimulus tax breaks) makes the decision to buy the system actually cash neutral. Here is a more detailed article, not MS Specific, as to why now is actually the best time to buy a system assuming you are not on the verge of bankruptcy. see here: