Microsoft Dynamics GP or SL: Which Accounting Software Is Best for Your Organization?

Though there are many similarities between Microsoft Dynamics® GP and SL accounting software, finding resources to usefully compare and contrast them can prove challenging.

In fact, Microsoft itself reinforces the somewhat muddled profile of these two mid-market accounting solutions. Its information about both solutions tends to blur the lines and distinctions.

Bottom line:  Both accounting system software applications perform the same fundamental functions-they keep track of debits and credits. They feature different user interfaces and have functionality differences.


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About Paul Farrell

Paul Farrell is president of Wizard Productivity Systems (, developer of the Wizard Accounting Solutions for purchasing, installing and learning Microsoft Dynamics® GP and SL. Paul has more than 25 years of management and business development experience as well as in-depth knowledge of the Internet, media and enterprise software industries. Paul has held executive positions managing high-level client relationships at such renowned companies as AOL, where he served as Senior Vice President of Business Development. He has a wealth of experience in developing and leading highly effective multi-disciplinary teams.

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I would add that SL multi-company and intercompany functionality is quite superior to GP. For companies that have a lot of these types of transactions, they will find it much easier to do in SL.

Steve Chapman

Interco and Cash

I concur that SL is superier in interco processing. Furthermore the cash module is better in SL. It has a "two-way" street that allows entries to be made in the GL and posted back to the checkbook.

Handy for intercompany cash transfers (since GP does not allow interco in cash module) as well as payroll entry (eliminates need for payroll suspense account).

interco for GP

If you add Binary Streams MultiFacility the scores even up.

SL-to-MS CRM integration

Synergy Business Solutions and Madrona Solutions Group, both of Seattle, have co-written a great integration between SL and MS CRM for distribution and project-based companies.

Also, SL comes out-of-the-box with multi-company and inter-company transaction capability; no add-ons. The SL ISV community is very strong and there are hundreds of already-integrated modules available for specialty purposes.

SL also makes very extensive use of SharePoint throughout the modules including automatically sending copies of POs and invoices to SharePoint folders. It also has a great Business Portal application of SharePoint.

And remember, SL has Business Portal Lite for companies that use Macs - and it works with version 7 FP1.

Synergy Business Solutions

SL vs GP for Professional Services

We are a business consulting company with 150 users, most of which are out in the field doing consulting from one day gigs to multi-year. Our consultants can be working on several projects a month and we do lots of business in Canada, Europe and branching to Asia. We have an investment in SL but not yet implemented. Wondering which of the two products makes the most sense for us!


Microsoft Dynamics SL vs

I am constantly asked this by other resellers, prospects and clients.

Have supplied both products to customer for years, I agree with the reply above, Microsoft Dynamics SL is superior in Project and Time billing, intercompany and multi company. GP has more sites using the product. Both are equally support by Microsoft, both being upgrade.

I have written about the differences, also including Microsoft own positioning of the Dynamics products. You can find it at:

Hope that helps

Excellent insights

THis is exactly the info I was looking for today, thank you Paul.

Hi.. SL is slightly ahead of

SL is slightly ahead of GP I reckon..
it is widely used worldwide bu my country is an exception, where tally rules
Tally Accounting software