Here's a Creative Exercise You Probably Won't Miss in Allocating Inventory in Transit Using Microsoft Dynamics GP

"In the beginning there was chaos and dark..."

This is how I felt about Microsoft Dynamics GP's inventory and distribution modules prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10--in particular because of the way everyday business operations like cross-docks and warehouse transfers had to be performed. Clients and consultants would scratch their heads, engineering all sorts of workarounds to get inventory from warehouse A to warehouse B and still manage to accurately track the whereabouts of products during the process.

To those of you with moderately complex distribution processes, the nightmare was simple: how to keep inventory from being allocated while in transit from warehouse A to warehouse B?

Some of the solutions were pretty creative, I have to admit, ranging between


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About Mariano Gomez

Mariano Gomez is a Microsoft MVP, PMP and EVP for Midmarket Solutions at Intelligent Partnerships, LLC. He is the original developer of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Spanish release for Latin America and has been consulting and implementing technology solutions for organizations across the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America for the last 20 years. Mariano holds an MIS degree from the University of Phoenix.

About Intelligent Partnerships, LLC

With over 150 years of combined management and technology consulting experience, Intelligent Partnerships skillfully partners with organizations to solve complex problems, boost operating performance and maximize value for stakeholders. 

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In-Transit Transfer History

Hi, where I can found all In-Transit Transfer data on SQL Tables. Thanks for help me with this.


Is there a way to keep GP from allocating items on an in transit transfer until they are moved from "ordered" to "Picked"


In-Transit Trasfer Transactions

Does anyone know which Dynamics GP Secuity Task is used in conjuction with In-Transit Trasfer Transactions . I want a small group of use to just be able to perform this and not other PO Receiving Transactions such as Shipment / Invoices, etc.

In Transit Transfer Entry

Access to this window can be found under task id TRX_FSS_CL01*. The form is in field service. The security operator In-Transfer Entry allows access to the form.