Electronic Signatures Come of Age: Five Requirements Microsoft Dynamics Customers Should Look For Today

January 10 2012

No one will ever have to sign with paper and pen again! 

Well, that is what everyone thought when President Clinton signed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act of 2000, stating that electronic signatures are as legally binding as their pen and paper counterparts. However, initial adoption of electronic signatures was slow. Now, after more than 11 years, they are finally coming of age thanks to technology and the openness of applications. 

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A veteran sales leader in telecommunication technologies, Larry is responsible for implementing sales strategies and managing sales efforts for AssureSign LLC. Larry joined the company from Nortel, where he was regional sales leader for contact center solutions. Prior to Nortel, he spent eight years with technology start-ups offering solutions focused on VoIP, billing and operational support solutions, and designing and leading sales efforts. Larry also held regional sales management positions at Aspect Communications and Fujitsu Business Communications Systems. He started his career with twelve years at Siemens Information Systems in various sales, sales training and sales management roles. Larry holds a bachelors degree in international business from Florida Atlantic University.

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