See what's coming in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 'Corfu': Foundations for new workflow, document management, E-services

January 23 2015

Anyone not at NAV TechDays 2014 in November may have missed the latest update to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV roadmap, as well as some new ideas on the mind of senior product team members.

Microsoft MVP Mark Brummel alerted his readers to the roadmap information, which was part of the conference's keynote session and is available for download from Mibuso.

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MarkBrummel's picture

Jason, Please note that with one codebase, Michael means the code that runs the clients, not the open source code that runs the application. That is and has always been a single code base. Mark

jgumpert's picture

Thanks Mark, appreciate the clarification.

dante007's picture

I hope that these new features will be better or at least the same level as existing add-ons (for example Continia OCR). Otherwise MS can say that we added something new but nobody uses that because it's too simple or there are way better solutions on the market. I don't know how it is in other markets but here we haven't implemented standard document confirmation anywhere. It's too simple and for little companies only.

TMShields's picture

Why don't you have someone proofread these to avoid mistakes like: The new capabilities of Corfu will be more like "railroad tracks" for the than full-fledged capabilities,