The ERP Selection Process: Where can executives add the most value?

February 3 2015

An executive board exploring current ERP offerings can easily feel overwhelmed with the breadth of options. New solutions have added depth to the market, creating competitive price points across the board. With the addition of cloud-based deployment options, the selection process becomes even more involved, bringing up questions regarding the future of a company's hardware provisioning roadmap. Even the most experienced IT leaders need a bit of guidance as they sort through the endless variety, especially considering the rapid evolution of end user and customer demands in

About Rick Doss

Rick Doss is a Business Solutions Consultant Manager at Tribridge. He has over 30 years of experience with ERP solutions, beginning as a CPA for a firm focusing on government agencies. Since then, Rick has led the architecture sessions and discussions for dozens of Dynamics ERP engagements. Specifically, Rick has an in depth understanding of governmental processes, including Budgeting, Financial Management, Procurement, Human Resources, Payroll, and many other areas.

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