Data & Analytics: Four ways bleeding edge technology just makes you bleed

January 17 2017

Two young men stood alone at a recent technology conference, talking. A friend of mine heard one say, "We need to get a Spark project going." The other replied, "What would we do with it?" The answer: "We'll figure it out. First we need a Spark project."

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Joni Girardi is founder and CEO of DataSelf, provider of DataSelf Analytics. He launched his venture 17 years ago to help small- and medium-sized businesses to get value from their data using MS SQL data warehousing and analytics platforms such as Tableau and Power BI. When he finds a prospect where his business offerings are a great fit, he gets excited! His BI projects are fun and successful! 

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This is a great read, thank you for publishing it. Should be mandatory for decision makers to read.