TouchstoneNAV Criticizes Lack of Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Customers

August 3 2011

Citing a supposed lack of channel support for installations of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, TouchstoneNAV has launched a "lifeline" to those customers that feel they're not getting an adequate level of support from their partners.

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rblechner's picture

it's just a poshed up wheeze to poach other partner's clients - old school channel chicanery. oh the cheeky chappies! wonder if they've lost any clients themselves? more like NAV Surgeon really

david crabb's picture

A rather naughty attempt to make themselves shine at everyone else's expense, news alert guys, some of us are doing a good job already and for over 3 decades! I suspect we are not the only ones either. Their cheap publicity stunt will shamefully not reflect positively on Microsoft either given their comments...

Nicki's picture

I am not surprised at the blatant stunt or the attitude towards other partners. But it does no good to anyone, cheap tactics cheapen us all etc. The competition will be laughing their heads off. I am saddened that DynamicsWorld has seen fit to push this. Microsoft will not notice. They have awarded this partner gold status despite their shunning of the Surestep methodology that is key to accreditation! (Presumably they passed the courses then ditched it all in favour of "inventing" their own DITL . . . another gimmick not unlike this one.) "company support is a culture, not just one department." NAV users thinking of taking up their offer beware, that to me suggests they have no dedicated support department! Oh and call me a pedant., but I would not want to entrust complex business systems to an organisation who fail to construct a simple sentence: "TouchstoneNAV said it's offering dissatisfied those customers its NAV Doctor Service."

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While i disagree with slamming all others - this is not good business practice - there is a strong case to me made that a majority of Nav Partners are not concerned with on-going support and are primarily interested in only new sales opportunities. As a user it has been my conhtention - and experieince since 1998 - that lip service is given to support. As soon as a new sale has been made there are no resources to handle the day-to-day support requests and they keep being pushed to the bottom of the pile.

rblechner's picture

with greatest respect, even if you had changed your support partner once a year, ie 13 times since 1998, that wd be well short of a majority of Nav partners. on the other hand you may have been unlucky or else selected badly so as to have become sceptical of the Nav channel competence. that said, the newer concentration of Microsoft on only the larger partners at the expense of smaller ones will, I fear, increasingly see good and creative talent unwilling to work too long if at all for the remaining bigger players and their necessarily relentless pursuit of sales to meet Microsoft targets and likewise good and creative Partners similarly losing heart and moving on to other things.

Nicki's picture

It's a very valid point. Whilst Microsoft has made participation in CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Survey) mandatory for Gold partners, it is tick box not a measure. I.e. a partner's CSAT could have shocking results but they'd still be Gold. Due diligence, buyers beware etc. Why not ask to see the CSAT results as well as meeting the support team and taking up references?

Mearnsman's picture

While I don't condone the approach by TouchstoneNAV "poaching" customers, you can't really complain. It's s competitive world. We've been doing NAV for 16 years and lost only 2 customers to the competition in that time. One came back almost immediately having had a rude awakening when every little support query cost them money and the other.. well let's just say that the support team had a party to celebrate and wondered how long before the next company wished them away. Meantime, we've picked up a dozen or so NAV sites from competitors, not by poaching but through being directly approached. So, the bottom line - do the job right and the customers will stay and others will join them. What I would complain about is the way Microsoft handle their 'Are You Renewing Your Enhancement Plan?' calls to customers. We've had customers tell us that the MS employee was pushing to say that other NAV partners were available if they weren't happy with us! Re the SureStep comment - I agree it's MS teaching us to suck eggs, and I'm sure the good majority were doing it right anyway. We use it as a sales tool which is where it works best ;0)