Microsoft Dynamics GP 12's Silverlight Plans Unchanged Despite Windows 8 Plug-In Limitations

September 21 2011

Microsoft's plans for a Silverlight-based Microsoft Dynamics GP 12 interface that runs in Internet Explorer have appeared to be well received starting at Convergence 2011 in the April.  But in recent weeks, representatives from Microsoft's Windows and Internet Explorer teams have confirmed

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EXEDY's picture

I get excited about two major upcoming product releases only to find out they're mutually exclusive... Prior to hearing about GP 12's web interface, I was getting sick of pilling one tweak on top of another for the native client and I thought a web interface would give me a new way to add the mods I need. Maybe more logic needs to move to the database so new interfaces can be created more readily. Lightswitch would be a cool environment to build GP front ends.

Jon Clemens's picture

It certainly appears that Tablet and Touch devices are here to stay. And clearly they will have an impact in the future on how users want to intereact with their business applications. However, exactly what that impact will be, and how it will evolve is yet to be seen. So, is there a place for the non-Metro UI of Windows 8, and a need for continued support of technologies like Silverlight? To me, the answer seems obvious - Yes. I'm excited to see the details of how Microsoft implemented the changes to GP 12 to incorporate the Silverlight interface, and how that can help our customers and prospects, and our approach to creating "adaptable solutions" for our customers.