Microsoft Dynamics AX or GP: Understanding the fundamental differences

March 18 2014

According to recent Microsoft customer figures, Dynamics GP is leading the growth in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP space, adding new customers at the rate of 9.3%. Meanwhile, in the last year, AX has added new customers at the rate of 5.6%.

About Jivtesh Singh

Jivtesh Singh is a Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP, and a Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist for GP 2010. Through his blog, which is widely read in the Dynamics GP community - he covers Dynamics GP Tips and tricks, news and walkthroughs of doing common and not so common tasks. The blog covers and highlights resources from other Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs and experts for various GP related topics. Jivtesh has recently setup a custom search engine for Dynamics GP Blog at to help with easier access of Dynamics GP resources for the GP Community.

Jivtesh's Blog on Dynamics GP -
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Jivtesh recently built a Kinect interface to control the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Business Analyzer with gestures. This was covered at Channel 9, ZDNet, MSDynamicsWorld, Official GP Blog and more - Using Gestures with Business Analyzer for Dynamics GP.

Jivtesh is a Dynamics GP Consultant and Systems Implementer and has been associated with the Microsoft Technologies since the launch of Microsoft .Net framework. Jivtesh has over 10 years of experience in development and maintenance of enterprise software using coding best practices, refactoring and usage of design patterns, and Test Driven Development.

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Samit's picture

Hello jivtesh, Thanks for this wonderful blog site. I am looking for one of the dynamics product that will be suitable for a construction company . Is there such a product that is available or some add on modules that will support the construction specific requirement. There are approximately 100 users. Thanks

westerncsm's picture

Hi Samit - Their is a great solution that works with the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries called Project Pro. The solution is built right into the Dynamics AX solution. Here is a link for additional information Regards, Tony Castellano Director of Client Services Western Computer 805-581-5020

sdrushella's picture

Hi Samit Responses so far have assumed you're looking for a construction erp solution. However those solutions don't typically address the operations side of your projects, i.e. project management, very well. You don't state exactly what your needs are so if they include tools and capabilities for your teams in the field to manage documents (RFI's, meeting minutes, issues, etc.), change management, contract control and planning & forecasting you may want to explore an option like IPM. It is built on Microsoft's xRM platform so it is very scalable and allows it to run inside of Outlook (where project teams spend the vast majority of their time) and automatically file email for you. It also is an extremely flexible system allowing you to configure it around your company's way of doing business. Integration with most of the erp packages mentioned by others allows important cost information from accounting to be accessible by project managers in IPM for reporting and creating forecasts. Mobility options allow use of mobile devices to input data, create documents and send email. Theses are just a few of the capabilities. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like more information. Scott Drushella

wbloom's picture

Jivtesh; We are current MSD GP users. we are in an industry with highly seasonal demand patterns. Out of the box, MSD GP does not have much capability to automatically calculate the ROP based on sales history and demand patterns. Is there an add-on package which would allow a dynamic and automated calculation of re-order points? Regards WBloom

jivtesh's picture

Hi Samit, Dynamics GP with Wennsoft is a great fit for Construction. You can read more about Wennsoft and Dynamics GP Let me know if you have any specific questions.

MikeLupro's picture

Your decision will depend on your budget. A GP solution will likely be far less than an AX solution. IMHO there are two products you should seriously look at from the GP ISV perspective. Olympic Systems Project Cost is the most widely used and least complicated produce. WennSoft is a great option if the complexities of your solution include options like assigning heavy equipment to a job. WennSoft has a Job Cost product and a Service Maintenance product and a Maintenance Contract module - each of which can be purchased separately based on your needs. I would suggest that you avoid the built in Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Accounting module. There are a number of reasons for my caution here and I'd be happy to discuss one-on-one once you make the major GP vs. AX decision. Best to you Mike Lupro - MCP

rochelle.pangan's picture

Fantastic article Jivtesh...I agree 100%... I always say that GP is a fully functional ERP system with tools to extend it e.g. Dexterity and .NET whilst AX is a Development platform with an ERP system

MichaelM's picture

Renown is asked this question constantly - Microsoft Dynamics AX vs. GP etc. We wrote a page on it, including Microsoft’s own positioning; If you want to know more about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, I have that: PS - read the page that was quoted in the blog. For mid market construction companies Microsoft positions Dynamics SL Hope this helps Michael

AboutTMC's picture

Hey Samit, Thanks for your great inquiry about the best Microsoft Dynamics product for your Construction Company. It can be extremely difficult to navigate the ins and outs of all the different ERP systems that are available. We work with all sorts of clients including many construction companies, you can visit our construction company page to learn more here: Also our Microsoft GP page can give a lot of insights into how Microsoft GP can be a perfect solution for you Construction company: Let me know if you have any specific questions!