How to Prepare Microsoft Dynamics GP for a Multi-National Deployment, Part 1 - Language and Local Requirements

April 26 2012

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been supporting business in Europe (not just European Union Member Countries) since Version 1. I know because I've worked with it in Europe since the beginning. I've yet to find an organisation that had specific European Financial or Regulatory requirements that could not be met by GP. In the very early days, we needed to develop some add-ons to handle specific European issues, (VAT Daybooks, Movement of goods tracking, VIES reports) but these have been replaced with standard software since back in the day.

About Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart is a Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP. He is a co-owner of Genesys Financial Systems, an European based International Microsoft Partner. Genesys provides localisation, implementation, support and development services, and out of hours support coverage for organisations with a presence in the US and Europe.

About Ian: 20 years’ experience in finance and IT, 16 with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Following an early career as a management accountant in the finance industry, Ian moved into the area of IT in business with the expansion of technology in the early ‘90’s, and then into Interim Management working with growing companies. He has led the implementation of many large-scale software installations for business in Europe, the USA and Asia.

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Hello Ian - great article! We are a Dynamics GP VAR in US doing install for US company with office in Germany. We are looking for a VAR in Germany to provide local support. I am told from contact at Microsoft that GP is not sold in Germany. But I assume there must be companies there who could support it. Do you know of any to recommend or could you point me in right direction? Thanks! Anya Ciecierski

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Hi Anya, There are no VAR's in Germany. However I have just completed a German implementation (second) and have implemented GP throughout Europe - in Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, UK etc. So perhaps I could be of help? you can email me at Best regards, Ian.

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I am a German, born in Cologne, who has been working with GP since its inception. I also worked in Germany back in 1997 for the GP Germany division prior to the aquisition of Great Plains Software by Microsoft. I speak German fluently and have a large network of professional contacts in the country. For a specific GP implementation Project, I would be prepared to travel and spend the required project duration on-site. As I am very familiar with both US and German financial managemnt systems requirements, I believe to be an alternative for your implementation project. As NAV and AX are original from Europe you will find no shortage of local help for those ERP systems. However, finding a local well-trained and experienced GP resource in Germany is very difficult. Also, if you did find a local GP Expert, they might not have the required background to interface with the US HQ effeciantly. If interested, please feel free to reach out to me at:

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We are going to be doing an implementation in Ecuador in the next couple of months.....I am hearing mixed views on this Localization. Is this localization going to be supported in the future…..what is missing and why does each VAR in Ecuador have their own spin on the localization? Do you have any reconmendations who we should be contacting? Thank you, Rob