Extending the Default eConnect Business Logic with 'Pre' and 'Post' Stored Procedures

August 15 2013

This is fourth in a series of articles covering eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics® GP. Part 1 explained that the business logic for eConnect exists in stored procedures within the Dynamics GP company database.  Part 2 created an eConnect integration utilizing the .NET APIs within Visual Studio. Part 3

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Gloria has experience across the full spectrum of business operations and management. Decades of experience are documented in the book Rapid Implementation, establishing Gloria as a specialists using Microsoft SQL tools for implementation, integration, and business intelligence related to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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Thanks for the article. Two caveats about using the eConnect Pre and Post stored procedures. 1. The Pre and Post stored procedure parameters can vary between Dynamics GP minor versions. So if you develop and test the proc on GP 2010 SP 3, it may cause errors if deployed in a GP 2010 SP 1 environment due to a different number of parameters. The safest way to deploy is to script the Pre or Post procedure from the client's server first, and then copy your procedure code into that script. 2. Related to the above, the Pre and Post stored procedures are removed and recreated during GP upgrades. So make sure to have backups of the procedure scripts, and after an upgrade, review all of the parameters of the new procedure, comparing them to the old procedure, before re-deploying the procs. Invariably, this is forgotten, the custom pre and post scripts are removed, and clients wonder why certain eConnect data have problems after an upgrade. Thanks, Steve Endow Dynamics GP Certified Trainer Dynamics GP Certified IT Professional

Gloria Braunschweig's picture

Good reminders, Steve. Thank you for contributing. Gloria J. Braunschweig, CMA President, Computeration, Inc.