Goodbye Adxstudio, Hello Microsoft Dynamics Portals source code release, new features

October 31 2017

Microsoft continues to push forward with Dynamics 365 Portals, and while their focus is on the public cloud, they haven't forgotten about their on-premises customers. But as the end of life for the older Adxstudio Portals product nears, there are some important questions to answer about how to maintain current solutions and plan for future Portals-based projects.

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Nicholas Hayduk is a licensed Professional Engineer, and the owner of Engineered Code Consulting Inc., a firm that specializes in Adxstudio/CRM Portals implementations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365. Having worked with the product since it's infancy, Engineered Code engages with both customers and partners to ensure the success of their CRM Portals implementations. Customers appreciate working with a smaller company that gets results quickly and efficiently, and can bridge the gap between business and technology. Partners value working with a firm that can be flexible to accommodate their project requirements, whether it's training their internal staff, resource augmentation, or the complete end-to-end delivery of a project. For more information, please visit, or you can check out Nicholas' blog at

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