11 steps to conducting an effective ERP vendor due diligence

March 8 2017

Reference checking is essential when choosing a vendor for an ERP system. With ERP systems having a greater than 85 percent failure rate, with the number one reason being poor initial software selection, it is vital that you get your reference checking right on your preferred application. When choosing a software vendor, there is a high risk of wasting many millions of dollars on a poorly implemented system, and it would be a tragedy if this loss simply came down to lazy due diligence.

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David Ogilvie is a Brisbane, Australia-based consultant whose mission is "Helping Executives Build Profitable Companies & Maximise ERP Investments. He aims to work with people motivated by the possibility of transforming their business operations," achieved through the use of Lean Manufacturing and other modern Supply Chain Management techniques; and through the productive use of technology such as ERP software systems and real time data collection systems. He may be reached at david@davidogilvie.com.au

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