Answers from Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVPs: Closing Out Tough Questions from Decisions Spring 2011

July 28 2011

If you participated in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP Roundtable session at Decisions Spring 2011, then you know that the audience gave us more questions than we could handle on the panel.  We answered a lot of great questions, but some of them required additional research before responding and others just got into the queue too late. I have put together this supplement with the

About Donna Edwards

Donna has been working in the Information Technology field for more than 15 years. She has a diverse IT background to include Software Release Management, Ecommerce Web Design & Management, Enterprise Software Project Management, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. She has been working with the Dynamics CRM application since 2004. She is currently a Microsoft Certified Professional and has been annually given the Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP award since 2009.

Donna is a published author, speaker and engages in several social platforms where she interacts with the community to evangelize, educate and provide solutions for real world challenges. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix with a specialty in Web Management where she completed her degree with honors. She currently works for TCC Software Solutions as a Dynamics CRM Principal Consultant. TCC Software Solutions is a leader in mobile technology products providing tablet-based applications for the past seven years and custom software development for the past sixteen.

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