Where Did All The PSO Resources Go?

October 17 2013

If you are a private company in the professional service space with under 500 employees, then you are likely feeling the pains of a resource drought.  In today's environment, the resource constraint on professional service organizations (PSOs) is prevalent across several industry sectors and job categories.   It is putting a wrench into the recruitment process due to a lack of people with: (1) the right work experience, (2) lack of the right soft skills and (3) competition from other employers.  So how do you supplement your workforce and meet the demands of your clients? 

About Colleen Rodericks

Colleen Rodericks is the Marketing Communications Manager of Fieldpoint Service Applications, a software company specializing in service management applications. Colleen has over 15 years' experience with knowledge of CRM, WFM, ERP and mobile applications.  Colleen has held marketing and consulting engagement management positions at Janna Systems (Siebel Systems), Workbrain (Infor), SAP Canada and Vortex Connect (Great Plains).

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