The Underlying Strategy Guiding Integration of Cloud Services with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

March 19 2010

Microsoft chose an admirably straightforward moniker for its strategy to connect the latest, cloud-based services with traditional, installed software. "Software + Services" has been welcomed by many, but criticized by some as a way for Microsoft to pay lip-service to new computing architectures, while continuing its licensed software orientation.

Is Microsoft really counting on cloud services to become mainstream? In a recent address at the University of Washington in Seattle, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer left no
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Before Easel, Bob brought to market one of the industry's first warehouse management systems at Distribution Management Systems, which was subsequently acquired by Cullinet. Early on, Bob began his high tech career as a consultant for International Data Corporation.

Bob holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Brown University and a master's degree in business administration from the Harvard Business School.

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