Social ERP: the Future is Here

September 30 2011

In one of my earlier articles few years back, I had postulated the idea of ERP Waves - where ERP solutions metamorphosed from being huge monolithic implementations for Fortune 100 companies to the broader realm of nimble, mid-market organizations, including some of the newest and most agile around the world. I pondered the ‘Future of ERP' in my article, considering the plethora of changes happening in our world.

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Raman Dhooria works with Microsoft Dynamics in India and takes care of key partner ecosystems. Prior to Microsoft, Raman worked in South East Asian and the UK markets on SAP, Oracle and BaaN. Raman has an MBA in marketing and a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is the author of "SMB Guide--The Road to ERP", which is available online. He also writes a Dynamics blog.

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rishijyoti's picture

Raman, You have started a great topic here but havent really explained how an ERP can become social. In my view thats the real challenge since most of us in this domain do understand that ERP is about connecting people and process and enhance collaboration.