Outcome as a Service: What Is The Impact On Your Professional Service Organization?

October 26 2015

Customers are changing the way they buy. Rather than buying products and software, they increasingly want outcomes and are willing to invest in the ongoing services that will help them achieve those outcomes. This type of service model, called Outcome-as-a-Service, is the fastest growing trend in the professional services industry. Aligning the incentives of the professional service organization (PSO) and the customer toward the end result of capturing the ROI of implemented technology makes total sense. So what does this mean for your professional services business? 

About Fernando Corso

Fernando Corso is a technology and consulting service executive specializing in helping Professional Service Organizations (PSO) achieve business performance improvements. Fernando has overall responsibility for the strategic direction, growth, solution strategy and consulting services for Services Industry for Tribridge. He is also responsible for the Tribridge PSA business solution.He has more than 20 years of consulting experience both locally and internationally including business consulting, software development and software implementation in a variety of industries. Prior to joining Tribridge, Fernando served as the Director of IT for Brightpoint Latin America. He has also worked for Texaco and Arthur Andersen - Business Consulting. Fernando holds an MBA from the McCombs School of Business - University of Texas in Austin and a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from the "Universidad Catolica" in Peru.

You can reach him at fernando.corso@tribridge.com.

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