Microsoft Dynamics Partner Gut Check: Upcoming Certification Changes Realign VAR Ecosystem (Part 2)

September 26 2010

With the upcoming changes to the Microsoft Dynamics Partner organization beginning in October 2010, Microsoft will require its ERP and CRM partners to become more industry focused, more scaled up, and better able to tell the full story of an integrated solution. 

Microsoft Partners' opinions on the new requirements are mixed, and not all based on the organization's size. And a number of opinions are given to only without attribution, reflecting the sensitivity of partners to the coming marketplace changes.

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Luvs_GP's picture

It is true, Katalys Group is a lifeline, my lifeline. I am able to continue to keep going as a small consulting firm. If it wasn't for the Katalys Group and the business model they have created, there is no way I would be able to continue in business as an independent consultant working with Dynamics GP. They have put in a great deal of time and engergy into this group, they are literally the answer to my prayers. I knew some day this would happen, even before Microsoft bought Great Plains, I had a deep sense the 'larger' firms would be the only ones standing. I appreciate the fact I have had a wonderful run as a small firm and wish I was in a geographic area which would have afforded my firm to become a 'larger firm' however, that is not the case. I am grateful I am able to assess my options, move my existing clients to Katalys Group and look to the future without the stress the new Microsoft "certification changes" were causing. The decision Microsoft has made to squeeze out the smaller firms is understandable, I am just grateful Gabe and Mark saw this coming a few years back and created Katalys Group to fill a hole being created by the changes Microsoft was putting into place.