Microsoft Dynamics Moves to Cloud and Enterprise, Kirill Tatarinov Out in Major Executive Restructuring

June 17 2015

In a major restructuring of his executive team, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has announced a range of changes today. Kirill Tatarinov is departing as the leader of MBS as the Dynamics product line moves under the Cloud and Enterprise team run by Scott Guthrie.

Here is Nadella's statement on C+E (emphasis his):

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MSPartnership's picture

The cookie crumbs of the past 2 years seem to be pointing to a dramatic shift in the delivery of the GP product. Methinks (pure speculation) GP will be available from within Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store. Click a few times and *poof* a new or migrated install runs on Azure with complex migrations being handled by the existing Partner or Microsoft. Select the integrated CRM option and *poof* that's available, too. NAV will go away in favor of AX. AX and CRM grow. All speculation on my part, but just wanted to post it somewhere to be able to refer back to it a couple of years from now...

jgumpert's picture

Those are bold predictions, and life under C+E would seem to make them more likely than before. How much more likely? Time will tell...

dante007's picture

Why do you think NAV will go away (if I understood you correctly). The installation base is way too big to just go away. AX is not the perfect choice for SMB and in Europe we don't have GP/SL.

james.crowter's picture

So the Dynamics Product with the largest installed base (120k+) the largest recurrent maintenance, the first to platform on Azure and the largest base on Azure, the first in O365, the first with a full ipad and andriod clients, the largest ERP partner channel and the one growing at 3 times the rate of AX will 'go away'. In 2010 I might have agreed with you but following NAV being re-platformed, over the last couple of years customers have stopped migrating to AX and I've seen projects to migrate from AX to NAV because AX2012 is such an enterprise appropriate product they cannot upgrade from 2009 and 4. I'm understand that from your GP orientated perspective things may not seem healthy with zero growth but from the NAV angle its a case of all we can cope with. Combine that with annual upgrades that give it class leading benefits and like it or not, NAV is not 'going away'.

MarkBrummel's picture

I agree with James. Someone tries to spread roumors here or influence people thinking. Numbers talk and NAV is doing amazingly good and is cloud-ready but also works fine on premise or hybrid.