Managing and Automating Complex Contracts and Revenue Recognition Requires an Integrated Software Solution

July 27 2015

In the cloud computing era, the shift to a services model with subscriptions is driving the need for revenue recognition software.  If you develop software, sell SaaS contracts or multi-element arrangements, or manufacture a product with software components, you are likely facing operational complexities in accounting and tracking.

Why You Need Software to Manage Revenue Recognition and Contracts

Most accountants manage revenue recognition and contracts with numerous Excel spreadsheets or custom applications that are not integrated into one solution.

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Brent Fisher serves as a Dynamics NAV Practice  Director at Tribridge with overall financial and operational responsibility.  In his role, Brent oversees the strategic direction, team member development, continuous improvement of delivery experience and ensuring that the solutions meet the needs of Tribridge customers.  Brent joined Tribridge in 2008 and has been involved in multiple project implementations and has helped Tribridge grow solutions around Revenue Recognition and Advanced Contract Management.

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