The Hidden Costs of Travel Receipts, Even As Microsoft Dynamics AX Improves Expense Handling

December 1 2009

Travel & Expense Management (TEM) solutions provide employees with features that automate pre-travel approvals, travel booking, submission of expenses and reimbursement. Companies also benefit from TEM solutions by gaining better management of their expenditures, as well as enhancing their ability to comply with industry and governmental regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX).


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David Guilbault is Director, Customer and ISV Development for ImageTag, where he is responsible for managing customer and partner relationships, as well as insuring their success with the company's KwikTag solution. Previously, David headed Product Management at ImageTag, where he was instrumental in transforming a patented idea into a software platform that is applicable to every document, user and business. Prior to joining ImageTag, David spent eight years with Xerox. This tenure gave him an inherent knowledge of documents and their importance to an organization. With more than two decades in technical sales, systems engineering and product management, David has invaluable expertise in helping customers streamline their business processes using technology. David is a U.S. patent holder with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern Maine.

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Many countries require original receipts to be filed for VAT reclaim purposes. With typical rates of 15% the amount that can be reclaimed can easily exceeds the cost of handling the paper receipts.