Gear up for the right kind of Microsoft Dynamics 365 evaluation

April 23 2018

Businesses thinking about their next major ERP or CRM investment need more than a one hour demo before choosing a path. And even if you already believe that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the right tools, our experience has taught us that buyers need a deeper dive into the product, broader involvement across your team, and access to subject matter experts before making a decision.

About Amir Khoshniyati

With over a decade of marketing, sales, product and project management experience; Amir is a dedicated executive that has held various positions within the technology sector. Over the last 4+ years Amir has been working in the Dynamics AX and CRM Channel primarily focused on the manufacturing, distribution, professional services and retail sectors while being involved with over 170+ different clients.

Amir is active in the Dynamics Channel holding board positions with AXUG/CRMUG and within the Microsoft Research Panel. His close ties with Microsoft have helped him align partner initiatives with product strategy ensuring success for all his domestic and international clients. Amir is also a member and frequent interviewee on, Partner Channel Magazine, and a recurring presenter at AXUG Summit. 

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