ERP Evaluation: Why Must You See the Actual Product?

October 23 2011

Seeing is believing. Over the last few years I have been closely involved with ERP evaluations done by major companies. Whether they send out their own well-planned RFP, hire an external consultant to prepare the specifications and do the evaluation, or blindly follow the purchases of industry leaders or their joint venture partner, at some point in the process the company will need to look at the software and make a final decision to move ahead.

About Raman Dhooria

Raman works as Director-Digital at EY India. Prior to that, he has worked as Sales Director and Channel Partner evangelist with SAP India where he has driving the Digital transformation engagements with the customers and partners. Raman had collaborated with during his Microsoft days. He has 20+years of experience with Global and Indian customers across various stages of business applications adoption. He is known in Global Microsoft Dynamics partner ecosystem as a trusted advisor for their growth and success.

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cmoffett's picture

This article makes some good points. However, I must point out that many resellers have not yet perfected the art if the software demo. I have experienced first hand that inferior products can outsell Dynamics because they put on a better show. Users only believe what they see - you can't leave much to their imagination. A software demo that uses customer data, is configured to support their unique processes and is well presented goes along way. Its just unfortunate that we don't always give the customer the test drive they deserve to make an informed decision.