Emerging Businesses: Seek an ERP Solution that Preserves Your Competitive Edge

December 1 2011

A prospect (whom we eventually won) recently asked me a very pointed question: the top 6 companies in my industry use SAP, tell me why I should not implement the same. I am sure lot of emerging businesses face this dilemma - should they implement what large companies use or should they look for a new generation system like Microsoft Dynamics AX with a potentially better fit?

Let me put forward my defense on why emerging businesses are different from their large brethren.

About Raman Dhooria

Raman works as Director-Digital at EY India. Prior to that, he has worked as Sales Director and Channel Partner evangelist with SAP India where he has driving the Digital transformation engagements with the customers and partners. Raman had collaborated with MSdynamicsworld.com during his Microsoft days. He has 20+years of experience with Global and Indian customers across various stages of business applications adoption. He is known in Global Microsoft Dynamics partner ecosystem as a trusted advisor for their growth and success.

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rjagadishan's picture

One reason that I, as an erstwhile SAP practitioner, recommend MSD,is the complexity of business processes inbuilt into SAP and OU. Even very large companies were highly successful till a few years ago, without the complex business processes that are a downstream effect of the best practices. Adopting industry practices is a good thing - but your own organization defines the optimum of the business processes and enforcing the best in class globally only creates inefficiencies in your business. MSD, because of it's agility and cost effective customization, is a fantastic Enterprise management solution. Availability of templates is a great start and stabilization technology - that sets the stage and enables excellence.