The secret to boosting your supply chain in 2014

January 28 2014

According to the recently released December 2013 national report of the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), the manufacturing industry is continuing to experience healthy growth. These are welcome words after years of uncertainty in the U.S. market. Industrial output continues to grow, U.S. manufactured products are globally competitive, and the industry as a whole is generating a significantly higher multiplier effect than any other sector.

About Dave Carleton

Dave is the U.S. Practice Director for Manufacturing and Distribution at TARGIT, Dave has spent his entire career, over three decades, providing business solutions to the Manufacturing and Distributions industries. His practical experience includes program development, marketing, and sales with an education in accounting.

Dave's passion is twofold, providing and assisting individuals to reach their potential and helping businesses reach their potential through technology implementation.

Dave has spent the last five years consulting with Microsoft Dynamics ISV's to expand their businesses through channel development, branding, marketing, and direct sales. Prior to that, he was the founder and President of Maximum Business Solutions. Max Biz, as it was known as, was one of the fastest growing and recognizable ISV's in the Microsoft Dynamics eco system with solutions in WMS and Route Accounting. He proudly wears the title "Godfather of WMS."

Dave is married with three adult children.    

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