What Is the Future of Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Cloud? Being Upfront About the Obstacles

August 18 2009

I am currently reading The Big Switch - Rewiring the world from Edison to Google by Nicholas Car.  The book draws a colorful parallel between Thomas Edison's battle to power the world versus a "Google type" company's battle to power the emerging cloud computing technology shift.  The book sounds a warning to the major on-premise solution providers such as Microsoft, IBM and Dell, as Nicholas Car ultimately declares that utility computing will forever change the computing landscape, and most important, is here to stay. 

I mention this book because most of

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Thought you might find this article about our recent S+S AX 2009 deployment interesting - it was quite successful, and from what we understand the first... http://goiwx.com/pressandevents20090615.html Have a good day. Good article.

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Thank you so much for commenting! Sounds like a win/win for GoIWx and Native Oilfield Services.

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Jeff, Excellent article! I have been planning a follow up to this article with some insight into cloud computing deployment options. I like the premise of operational expenditures vs. capital expenditures, but the beauty of cloud computing is that you can have a combination of both. For example, you can host the client, but rent database storage space on the cloud with SQL Data Services (SDS). I believe this model will be attractive for organizations familiar with the old client/server model, but that are in the process of transitioning to cloud computing. If you ask me, this is a good start for the entire Dynamics family of products. More to come in my article. MG.- Mariano Gomez, MVP Maximum Global Business, LLC http://www.maximumglobalbusiness.com

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Mario - Thank you so much for reading & commenting! I look forward to reading your follow-up article and some additional insights.

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the most important aspect i liked about this book is that , even though there is a strong wind toward google for cloud computing ,this book gives a diplomatic picture of the leading competitors in saas and cloud computing

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Jeff, As an AX and CRM company for 9 years now I am very interested in what direction to follow especially while we build our virtualization plans. There are many advantages from an on premises infrastructure to use VM but if the cloud models can solve the issues you mention in the next 1-2 years then my challenge is to prove to upper management why we should invest a large sum next year vs on demand? I will be getting the book you are reading! Art Johnston CIO ATC