Money Talks, So Why Are Your Microsoft Dynamics AX Payment Documents Whispering?

October 18 2008

Of all the documents your business distributes, whether it's to suppliers, partners, or employees, perhaps none has a higher read-rate than payments. That shouldn't come as a surprise--after all who doesn't like to get paid? But unlike other types of documents (i.e. invoices, monthly statements), which are used to communicate a wide variety of messages and notifications, the information contained within a payment pales in comparison. For many organizations, providing the information relative to the payment - and nothing else -

About Dan Gangai

Dan Gangai serves as director of product management for Bottomline Technologies, and possesses extensive domain expertise in document process automation and ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics. In his present role, Dan works closely with organizations leveraging Bottomline’s Create!form product suite to optimize their investment in Microsoft Dynamics AX through more efficient and cost-effective transactional document processes. Prior to joining Bottomline in 1999, Gangai served as a consultant specializing in ERP implementations with a specific emphasis on tailoring reports to meet strategic business needs.

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