Take a picture: Exploring mobile device photo options with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

December 12 2013

Before they were called smartphones, the multi-purpose devices in our pockets and purses were once called "camera phones." Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 users exploring one of Microsoft's own smartphone apps for the first time, they might be disappointed to learn that most camera capabilities are not included in the free apps - yet.

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crmguru@live.com's picture

I have run WP for about 4 years and CRM is a killer app for this platform ..... IF .... They integrate with the phone functions. It is not enough to match the UI. But integrate with Camera locally seems like a major use case for field service, and sales folks that need to do quotes based on designs etc. You should be able to attach any local file to the notes in the CRM on a device running RT or WP 8. Additionally you should be able to Pin any entity and have live tiles notify of updates or changes. Just my humble suggestions. Pierre

mvaarani's picture

It is possible to provide nicely working camera functions in CRM 2013 for field service and sales people. We have ourselves created an extensive solution for FCMG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) which among other things (e.g. route planning etc.) has a camera solution. In this user can take a picture when on the field. Picture is then automatically transferred to the corresponding appointment folder in SharePoint (default CRM integration is used for showing the picture files). Regards Mika Vääräniemi