Microsoft Convergence 2016 will still be a destination for Dynamics GP power users, product managers insist

May 1 2015

Don't write off Convergence just yet. That is the message from Microsoft Dynamics GP product managers Pam Misialek and Errol Schoenfish who wrote on Thursday that "Dynamics GP and the community will continue to be a key member of this new era of Convergence including continued content for power users and similar roles."

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callengpmvp's picture

It seems like MS doesn't understand its customers if they think XXUG is a substitute.

MikeFM's picture

I spoke with several ISV's on the trade show floor. One of them has been there every year for as long as I can remember. They told me that they are re-assessing their participation due to the size of the show and diluted focus. They felt that this was resulting in much higher cost to present at the conference and a lower percentage of traffic that is pertinent to their mission. They were weighing whether or not they should attend next year. It is also noteworthy that the cost of the conference is getting crazy expensive. Also, its size and dimishing focus can make it difficult to navigate. I think Microsoft is fixated on a "Bigger is always better" approach. But I think that focus was a key strength of Convergence as was the message that Microsoft was fully committed to ERP. The message that is being communicated now seems to be that ERP isn't big enough for Microsoft to Focus on. I would tread cautiously if I were Microsoft. They are in danger of losing the long standing commitment of customers and exhibitors that frequent this event. Once lost, it may be difficult to regain. I will say however, that I am encouraged by what I read in the article. How will it play out? Only time will tell.

kdraper's picture

I am grateful Microsoft appears to be continuing to keep this a user focused event. It would be sad to lose this.