Does the Emergence of Dynamics CRM Live Mean’s Days Are Numbered?

February 11 2008

I'm not saying will go out of business. Rather, I am suggesting that the as we know it today, as a stand-alone leader in the on-demand CRM world, is in trouble.

SFDC has done a great job of bringing small and medium-size businesses (SMB nation) into the multi-dimensional, multi-entity world of CRM. True CRM is much more than a contact management system and SFDC was the leader in bringing true CRM to the SMB buyer. That being said, I believe SFDC is being rapidly eclipsed in the market and will not continue to exist
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Jon is a 15-year veteran of the technology sales and marketing fields. He is an engineer by degree, salesman by choice, and CRM professional by passion. He has closed thousands of deals and managed hundreds of technology projects. He has been a top producer and presidents club winner in multiple companies. Jon is triple certified in the Microsoft CRM platform, but has used most of the major players' packages to varying degrees.

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Many great points in there Jon. It's got to be tough to be a ISV when the vendor you've chose to build around seems more focused on making a near term proft from your relationship with them than on building for long term success. Maybe all of this is why is reportedly shopping itself to Oracle for an acquisition. See: