Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Increasingly Comfortable with the Cloud: New Survey

May 17 2016

How Microsoft Dynamics GP users expect their cloud solution investments to change in the next year

Microsoft Dynamics GP users are still getting their feet wet when it comes to using cloud-based technology. In fact, less than one in 10 customers reports running Dynamics GP

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As Microsoft continues to push the sometimes unwilling toward the cloud to stretch its own revenue streams there is going to come a point where they will have to find a way to get current customers to abandon their purchased GP systems so they can buy them all over again "in the cloud." Microsoft found a way to do this in the Office realm by making the development of new features or requested functionality in the cloud version only. So will Microsoft eventually force all customers of GP into the pay-as-you-go model regardless of their previous up front purchases by developing web-only functionality or by making bug fixes something that can only be acquired in a hosted environment? The company's current marketing push that the cloud is where GP users want to be (although the reality among the customer base may say something different) leads me to believe they will eventually put the proverbial gun against the heads of existing customers as they have approached doing with Office (and to a lesser extend SQL) and declare the results proof that the cloud and Microsoft's monthly revenue stream is popular with everyone. This "The Cloud is Coming, come Love Azure" push is the cause of the most personally unpleasurable and useless moments at the last few Convergence events. I have looked forward to Amplify since it was announced because I assumed the Azure-pushers will not have as big a role and we can spend time worrying about what we need instead of what Microsoft wants us to need. These are not comments against RoseASP or WatServ because they are fulfilling the needs of customers who want to be there. Jeff Frye Systems Analyst (Administrator of a private hosted GP environment)