Maintaining Compliance In The Cloud: Regulatory Standards Are Only a Blueprint

May 26 2015

One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing is the ability to quickly create and deploy compliant IT platforms and maintain them efficiently.  Despite what many people believe, maintaining regulatory compliance in the cloud means much more than ensuring your provider has checked the "compliance box". Regulatory standards only serve as a blueprint to achieving strong security.  Real compliance involves regularly reviewed processes, physical security, data segmentation and isolation, specific security measures, and most of all, commitment.

About Rob Curls

As a Solutions Consultant for Concerto Cloud Services, my primary focus is educating customers on technologies that are available and designing solutions that will achieve their strategic objectives. With a focus on cloud solutions, my responsibilities include architecting complex workloads utilizing best of bread technology and service providers, developing and presenting in person and online presentations and demonstrations with customers and industry experts, as well as working with our team to ensure we stay on the cutting edge as a cloud service provider.

With more than 14 years of technology experience, I have a diverse background which has enabled me to work in challenging industries such as Healthcare, Professional Services, and Defense. I've consulted organizations ranging in size from small start ups to large globally dispersed organizations, and I'd love the opportunity to sit down and discuss your needs.

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