Ignite Your Cloud Revenue With This Simple Trick That Even Experts Miss

May 25 2016

After managing cloud partnerships for almost a decade - long before Microsoft and Amazon began using the term ‘cloud' - I've learned some tricks about how our partners succeed. The strategies aren't rocket science, but in fact time-tested and proven. However, when dealing with cutting edge technology, they are easy to forget. Above all other rules related to offering cloud-based services and solutions to your clients, there is one approach that can change the way you

About Brian Sallee

A serial entrepreneur, technology executive, expert on Microsoft business technology, Brian has founded variety of businesses including a web hosting company he founded & sold, a software company, and a successful managed services provider (MSP). He is a frequent presenter at conferences, events, webinars and author of Invisibilify: cloud computing and it's impact on business, which can be found on Amazon. 

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