Cloud Options for Microsoft Dynamics AX: What You Need to Know

February 28 2016

Many of today's most popular ERP and CRM software applications are now available as a cloud product in some form.  For many business consumers, cloud is really the only desired option when considering a new software solution.  Unfortunately, not all software is available as a cloud option right out of the box, and this can be problematic if the right software for your organization is not cloud-based, or hasn't been for the time you have been using it. 

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Waldemar.Pross's picture

At the beginning, companies who want AX 7 will have to deploy it in Azure public cloud. The "private cloud" which MS is currently working on is called "Azure Stack", which will also allow running AX 7 on premises. And probably AX 2012 too. Re number of servers used to run AX: not sure about your projects, but all my project with AX 2012 and most AX 2009 required at least 7 servers. SOme up to 25. Depends on the size of project of course.