Reflections on AXUG Summit 2008: Hints About Microsoft's Investment and Product Plans for Dynamics AX

October 20 2008

As a first-time participant, I attended the AXUG Summit 2008 last month with a number of preconceptions. Given that Microsoft Dynamics AX is relatively new to the U.S. market, and that American sales, according to Microsoft, were the lowest of the four Dynamics lines, I thought attendance would be low. My second thought was that because AX is  a "young" ERP solution, that the problems and issues expressed by users would be many and voiced with intensity. 

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Bill Knapp is the President of vSync. Bill has extensive experience in the evolution of supply chain compliance and EDI, having held executive positions at Compuserve and Sterling Commerce. Over a six-year span, Bill served in multiple capacities at Sterling Commerce, including President of Sterling Commerce's Internet Services Division, Director of Network Sales, Director of Vendor Implementation Services for large retailers, Enterprise Outsourcing, and Director of Market Development. Bill holds a B. A. from Bethany College and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

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