The Essence of CRM Integration for Today's Successful Business

September 1 2015

Why are new-generation companies like Apple, Booking, Zara, and prosperous start-ups like AirBnB and Uber more successful than the majority of (traditional) businesses? True, a major part of their success is their courage to leave the beaten path and adopt different, often disruptive business models. However, the other real commonality is their understanding that, nowadays, business success is dictated by customers rather than operations. If companies want to be successful in this era, it is high time to shift focus from internal processes (operations, ERP) to external

About Jacques van

In 2003, Dutchman Jacques M. A. J. van Engelshoven founded Cayentis, a Dynamics CRM partner with a focus on integrating Microsoft CRM with back-office systems, portals and external databases. The company has invested in the integration solution for Dynamics CRM: CRM Hugger, and accumulated practical experience from more than 1,000 CRM implementation projects worldwide. Hugger CRM is not just an integrated software solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM; it also provides a ready-to-use device within the CRM environment for synchronizing or integrating data from other systems or databases.

After graduating from business school, van Engelshoven held several IT positions in government and the industry. In 1993, he started a company called Generator (now known as SuperOffice Benelux), offering user-friendly CRM solutions to Benelux Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Under his leadership, Generator grew to more than 600 customers in the Netherlands and was for that reason acquired in 1998 by SuperOffice.

Prior to founding Cayentis, van Engelshoven was responsible for EMEA activities at Onyx, a CRM software provider, where he was involved in large-scale international CRM implementations and building partnerships. 

Van Engelshoven studied Industrial Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. He is the founder and former president of the 'Be A Child' Foundation. 

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