NAV 2009, Part 2: For Web Services, "Sky Is the Limit"

July 17 2008

In my first article previewing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, I focused on its significant changes in the role tailored experience and in architecture. In this article, I examine the reality of using NAV 2009 via the Internet, and programming issues for developers. I also consider the issues associated with the upgrade decision.

Web Services

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manounou's picture

Hi, I want to integrate a Navision Database to Web service but I have some difficulties. Could you give me some examples of integration of pages from navision to web service Thanks

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Really great information describing the importance and different techniques involved in the web services. web services mumbai

Gdirdaniel's picture

Hi folks, I am just a new user on web services. I'm not able to change the database my RTC points to.It's always pointing to Chronus Kindly assist

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How to make a ASP.Net Page using Nav 2009 Webservice

noisivanscimanyd's picture

Hello, I tried to create a contact using the contact card Web Service. However, when invoking the Create() method I get an error like this: Property 'Editable' for contact card is invalid. Are there examples on how to create a contact? Thanks

noisivanscimanyd's picture

Hi all, none of the questions have ever been answered. Seems to be a pretty dead forum. Does anyone know a forum where the NAV questions are being answered? I still try to create a contact using a web sevice and I still keep getting error messages. Maybe Web Services in NAV 2009 R2 is just a marketing joke by Microsoft. Thanks