How the Business Case, Licensing, and Partner Role Should Influence Microsoft Dynamics AX Selection

September 27 2009

As we move into the fall, parents everywhere have just finished the daunting task of getting their kids ready for the new school year.  Microsoft Dynamics ERP partners go through a similar process as we get ready to kick-off the "Software Evaluation Season". After almost 10 years in the channel, I hope to offer companies seeking a new ERP solution some useful tips when beginning their evaluation of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

TIP#1 - Begin the evaluation with a business case

About Jeff Onesto

Jeff Onesto is the Director of Business Development at Advanced Systems Integration. He is responsible for software sales and the development and management of strategic alliances. Jeff brings over 15 years of enterprise software sales and delivery experience with companies such as Price Waterhouse, Oracle and JD Edwards. Jeff holds a B.S. Business Administration- Accountancy from California State University, Northridge.

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